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About Us

Jude and Rooty Tooty

‘Hi, I’m Jude, I live in Galashiels, Scottish Borders with my partner and two teenage boys.

I make fermented foods, currently concentrating on raw, unpasteurised vegetable products in small handmade batches

All my products are designed to taste fantastic and deliver health benefits with you in mind.

Add them to brighten any meal.

I love food (probably too much) and work at keeping fit and healthy. I am drawn to new experiences and challenges and ‘Jude’s Good Food ‘ started as a result of being made redundant due to Covid 19 in 2020 and deciding if I was ever going to properly try following my entrepreneurial dream and working for myself it was ‘now or never’.

Challenge and new experiences are the things that make me get out of bed in the morning (as well as making sure my boys get up for school!!). The development and manufacture of small batch foods for you as well as all the ‘business stuff’ makes me smile.

Our Story

I can’t actually remember when I first heard of Kimchi, but as a black coffee and gin lover, I knew it was for me.

I learned to ferment on an Edinburgh Fermentarium course in 2019 and continued to buy their products. Going into lockdown in March 2020 this was no longer an option. I started to make my own Kimchi, spurred on, worried about a possible lack of fresh vegetables.

August 2020 and I was made redundant from my job working with university students, and I decided to start a business of my own.

Jude’s Good Food incorporates all the things I love: food, experimenting and developing new products, making a difference to people’s lives, and the challenge of running a business, especially as a digital immigrant. I have a scientific background spending many years working in R&D and Supply Chain so I find the science of lacto-fermentation and making new products exciting and it gives me joy

Our Values

chopping board, knife

Healthy food designed for you

Every product we make has specific health benefits or is tailored to meet certain food based needs.

All our fermented foods are unpasteurised and the beneficial bacteria ( probiotics) have the potential to  deliver long established benefits of:

  • Improving digestive health
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Being easier to digest than unfermented form
  • Help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Helping heart health
  • Increased availability of beneficial nutrients
  • Aiding weight loss

Local, seasonal and sustainable

The best vegetables for lacto-fermentation are from the Brassica family along with many root vegetables and luckily they all grow well in Scotland.

We aim to use UK vegetables where possible and products will vary across the seasons either with different ingredients to use UK grown or in its design.

Living so close to the English Border the aim is to keep food miles as low as possible rather than source from Scotland only.

Keep in touch to learn about some exciting developments in relation to small growers and local supply.


Community Driven

Community is really important to us. We love the interaction between different people with diverse outlooks on life but often the same goal.

We are building a community to talk about whats important. The aim is to develop and sell products that deliver the greatest benefits whether that is:

  • Putting a smile on your face with tasty food.
  • Supporting a health issue through food
  • Making healthy food for specific diets more readily available to our customers especially in the Scottish Borders
  • Supporting small or local growers and suppliers where possible
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our supply chain